The Shower Solution Instructions

Model SS1C with Screw-in Wall Anchors and SS2C with Sheet Rock Screws
or SS2C with Sheet Rock Screws

1. Remove the shower head from the shower pipe that needs to be stablized.

2. Clear any debris from around the pipe on the wall and slide the gray plastic ring up on the pipe, with the extending part facing the wall.

3. With it pressed against the wall and with the pipe fairly centered in the hole in the wall, mark the four holes on the ring with a pencil or pen. The angle does not matter, just try to get 3 or 4 holes over sheetrock or wall board.

4a. To use the SS1C Wall Anchors, remove the gray plastic ring temporarily and install the four included wall anchors. To do this, line them up on the markings you just made and tap them into place up to the area where the threading starts. Then, using a screwdriver or power screwdriver, screw them into the sheetrock until flush. Do not overtighten. Replace the gray ring against the wall lining up the holes.

4b. To use SS2C with Sheet Rock Screws, align the gray plastic ring so that as many holes as possible (of the four) cover part of the wall board.

5. Using the four included screws, attach the gray ring to the anchors or sheetrock and screw the screws down until secure.

6. Locate the two silicone inserts and place them around the pipe with the smaller part facing the wall. Work them down into the area between the pipe and the gray plastic ring. Push them in as far as you can until flush or close to flush. These lock the pipe into place within the ring.

7. Slide the included chrome flange over the pipe and over the gray plastic ring. This will cover the whole assembly.

8. Replace the showerhead. Make sure there is some plumbing tape or plumbers putty on the threads to avoid any leaking around the shower head.