The Shower SOLUTION!

Don’t let a loose shower pipe cause leaks inside your walls!

  • Stops Shower Pipe Movement in Wall
  • No Need to tear out the wall
  • Installs in MINUTES rather than Days
  • Saves Money
  • Solves the Problem
  • EASY to Install

The Shower Solution solves an age-old problem with loose shower pipes in your walls. In the past, the only acceptable solution for this issue was to remove a section of the wall where the shower pipe was located and to install a wooden support beam between the studs and then secure the pipe to the board. THEN you had to rebuild the wall, work for days to get the sheetrock back into good condition and try to match the paint color or wallpaper. What a nightmare!

With the Shower Solution you can solve this problem in just minutes and just about anyone can do it!

The Shower Solution simply slips over the shower pipe and secures the moving pipe to the wall. Then you insert our specially designed inserts to hold the pipe in place. Cover with the included chrome flange and replace the showerhead and you’re done!

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Quick Instructions (Full instructions included in the package)

  • Remove the showerhead
  • Slide the Shower Solution over the pipe and mark the four holes
  • Slide the Shower Solution back and using the included wall anchors, put one at each mark, hammer it in a little, then screw it into the wall.
  • Replace the Shower Solution with the extension going back inside the wall.
  • Screw it down with the supplied screws.
  • Insert the two silicone spacers alongside the pipe and pull gently on the pipe as you place them.
  • Let the pipe slide back in place taking the silicone spacers back with it so that it is snug.
  • Slide the supplied chrome flange over the pipe and up against the Shower Solution to cover it.
  • Reattach your shower head making sure you have a little plumbers tape on the threads to prevent leaking at the showerhead.

YOU’RE DONE! Your showerhead will not move in any direction!

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